Motherhood is a speciality birthing centre that houses the best doctors in the country. As they say, “from gynaecologists, paediatricians, birthing experts to neonatologists, you and your baby are in the hands of experts”. They have state-of-the-art medical equipment and well trained support staff, capable of tackling any sort of emergency at their hospital.

We have collaborated with motherhood on various levels which include putting up nursing station during our outdoor programs, training our staff about safety of children, nutritional needs, home care etc. Motherhood also provides periodic checking camps for the children.Their nutritionist helps our parents to understand health and wellness from a different perspective. They provide collaborative connections for our clients as they transition into parenthood


Cloudnine hospital, is a growing maternal and child care center in Sahakar Nagar. They have a diversified, well trained and motivated talent pool of workforce ranging from clinicians to gynaecologists to wellness coaches. Their experts are an integral part of our workshops for parents, coaching them about health and wellness of the family.


FieldTrip Expert

An Engineer by profession, Guruprasad is a nature enthusiast who helps in putting together our nature explorations and field trips. He has done many of our bird watch sessions


Martial Arts Expert

Mazhar has been associated with us over the last 5 years. His team conducts our martial arts classes for our children. He has a very well disciplined team who are fully equipped to work with our age group children. They are very patient and delicate with our children.


Arts & Crafts

Bhaskar has over 30 years experience in teaching arts to children. His experience brings in a lot of value addition to our summer enrichment programs. He has the ability to make Arts interesting to every child. Children enjoy their art classes a lot at Vivriti.

Iqbal Bhalla

Research Student at TIFR

He is a research student with TIFR. His passion for natural science grew while he was in school. He is pursuing his project on ants and other insects. He is very passionate about explaining young children about his research. He comes during his holidays to take our children into the world of natural habitat of insects. This is a huge enrichment opportunity for our naturally curious independent thinkers.

Naga and Ashwini

This team put together our virtual expedition activities.