Dr. Rajeena Shahin,


Managing Director

Dr. Rajeena Shahin is a Medical doctor with a keen interest in the research of cognitive development in children. She also holds a management degree from Bharathidasan Institute of Management.

She worked as a research collaborator for the national project on gifted education with National institute of advanced studies (NIAS), IISC Campus.

She believes that the academic structure should be remodelled based on the needs of an evolving society and environment, as we really cannot imagine how the social and work environment would be after 20 years.

Her vision for Vivriti is to provide thoughtfully prepared learning environment, designed to stimulate the learning and development of every child, tailored to each child’s individual abilities, behaviours and preferences. She strongly advocates a collaborative set up involving the families and societies for future learners, as the collaboration brings a wide set of experience to the children.

At Vivriti, she encourages the practice for every individual to think, question and reflect. She envisions to build an institution where the children with the help of the competent team of adults are capable of making choices and decisions and realise their full potential as learners.