Navita Bhat

Diploma in Mech.Engg
(Industry Integrated)

Director & Associate Principal

Navita Bhat has an Industry Integrated Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and has been involved with an International School with management and school activities during her stay in Europe.

I believe that the early schooling years are the most defining years of an individual and should be the most enjoyable period in a child’s life.

I believe good social skills are critical to successful functioning in life. Since the children spent most of their day at school, we play a key role in facilitating development of their social skills. My Mechanical engineering background coupled with good communication skills helps me to train my staff and children to interact and negotiate on logical grounds thereby strengthen their social competence.

My last five years experience as a director of Vivriti made me realise that Passion, dedication, patience, loving and caring attitude by the caregivers is what goes to provide a wonderful, safe & home like environment for children to develop their abilities. I train my staff to facilitate the learning process through inquiry and discuss different topics to spark their curiosity. I also believe in an environment of open communication between children, parents & the staff thereby build collaborative partnership linking home and school in a climate of trust and respect. This helped us a great deal and our children enjoy coming to school and learning in a safe environment.