Kavita Krishnakumar

BSc, Diploma in Travel & Tourism

VASEP Teacher

I am a graduate from Anna Malai University with a Diploma from Frankeinfirm Institute of Travel Academy. I worked in an airline agency for 8 years.

I joined the school 2 years back. Initially I considered the opportunity as a part time job which would keep me engaged. I joined the Childcare as a teacher. I was amazed at the way the management supported and motivated me.

Vivriti gave me an opportunity to learn about child psychology. I truly believe that at Vivriti, teachers are supported and motivated in every way to render good education and service to each and every child. Vivriti is a place where the children have a happy and healthy life environment and look forward for another happy day at school. Most importantly I like the school’s approach to discipline and classroom management.