Ria Anadpara

Nursery Teacher

She Graduated from Mount Carmel College in B.A under triple majors ofPsychology, Economics and Sociology.She also has interned at Banjara’s Gurukul Academy dealing with children with Learning disabilities, currently pursuing diploma in counseling psychology at Sampurna Montfort College.

She is very passionate about Child Psychology and Gerontology. Working with children is always my dream, and she feels Vivriti seems to be the ideal place to start pursuing her career. She believes that play activities are essential to healthy development of children and adolescents.

Associating with Vivriti during the summer camp made me feel that this is the place i should be starting my career. I was really influenced by the unity and helpfulness of the staff and other people here. And I felt this place will give me enough opportunity to learn and explore my talent as an educator.